Tasi Walks

Tasmania is one of those places I really want to explore.
Next time I visit my friends in Melbourne, I plan to ferry it over to
Tasi. Once I get there? Well, I haven’t gotten that far yet. Of course, the possibilities are endless, but today I was
drawn to learning more about two particular regions, featured in walking
advertised by a company based in Launceston.

The first is a six day guided walk through Cradle Mountain
and Lake St. Clair National Park, located within Tasmania’s
World Heritage Area. The second is a four day walk along the Bay
of Fires
, in Mt. William National Park. Honestly, I
was drawn to the website initially because I just love the name Bay of Fires. It drums up images in my mind of walking
on hot coals along a pristine shoreline, but umm…that’s not what it is. No matter, they both look like fantastic areas
to explore and either of these guided tours sounds like it would be an awesome and energizing way to see the Tasi
wilderness. The lodgings for each trip are made with sustainable materials and were built with the surroundings in
mind, to be simple structures that don’t disrupt the natural reserves. The tour season is October through May so now is
the time to book. If the packages are too steep for your
budget, at least make sure to visit these areas when you head downunder. I know I will be.