Tasty Travels

Just like with marmite, the love/hate thing with Rachel
Ray will always exist, but I’m not going to go there. I’m simply here to tell ya about her new show,
Tasty Travels, which our friends at
World Hum alerted me to.

I’ve lived without cable for the past two years, so I’m stuck catching episodes of cooking shows when I’m holed up
in hotels for conferences or visiting friends with 500+ channels. So, I haven’t seen Ray’s show yet, but I would
definitely watch it if I had access to the Food Network. (I’d watch
Bourdain on the Travel Channel too. Frankly, I’d probably
watch so much food/travel related programming that I’d have to beg the
Slashfood folks to let me write for them because I’d stop traveling and never
leave the house.) But I digress…

The latest issue of Budget Travel (all about
where the foodies
) features a
Q&A with the
food diva. Rachel is a cool chick who loves food and travel. I can relate to that. Her book,

Best Eats in Town on $40 Dollar A Day
, has pointed me to some fantastic affordable dining when I’ve been on the
road. (Like Fiamma at MGM Grand in Vegas.)

Tasty Travels premiered August 26 in New York. It airs on Fridays at 9:30. Tomorrow’s episode takes Ray to
LA and future shows will feature San Fran, NOLA, Atlanta and Trinidad. I hear she’s headed to Africa on her honeymoon,
so I can only assume that might make it into a show eventually too. Stay tuned (only if you are a Rachel lover, of
course), and let me know. In the meantime, I’ll go reconsider cable.