Laird Hamilton on Protecting Jaws

Uber-surfer, pectoral personage, Amex ad hunk Laird Hamilton is speaking out. In
this Outside Magazine piece Hamilton
says that the whole tow-in scene at the mega-wave surf spot
Peahi (a.k.a. Jaws), is becoming
increasingly over-crowded, and increasingly dangerous as a result.

Comparing the situation to the crowding problems at Everest (remember Into Thin Air) Hamilton says that new measures
like requiring Jet Ski licenses are not enough, and that someone is going to get hurt if something is not done to
control the crowds at the now-legendary surf spot. The problems are discusses in
another article in Outside whereby
several dangerous collisions have occurred due to the presence of surfers, photographers and observers in boats and
aboard jet skis, crowding the area. He’s right. This is dangerous stuff, folks. The waves at Jaws can reach a
mind-blowing, bone-crushing 60 feet. Someone needs to step in and assume control of the situation.