Please Pamper Me

Ellen Uzelac writes for the
that she thinks it might be time to reconsider the idea of taking guided tours. Long anathema to travelers who
want to do their own thing their own way, guided trips or “escorted travel” may be growing in appeal.


The reason, she says, is that these trips often employ experts who can show you things or talk about places in a way
that takes you far beyond what you’d get with a tour book. You can also make lots of friends who, presumably, have
similar interests as you do. And that contrary to the noti0n that tour companies cater to fogies who prefer sitting in
a bus and snapping photos from the window, many tour companies are also introducing packages built around the demands
of a more athletic and active lifestyle – heli-hiking, rock climbing and whitewater rafting, among them.


OK, I’m convinced.