Real Food Daily in Santa Monica

Now that I’ve invested a little amount of time writing about the Green Festival coming up, why not
keep with the theme of Green today? Sunday’s are one of the best days to take a stroll
through the park and most parks are by far some of the greenest places around. (Check out the
Pacific Park, not entirely green, but great for Sunday.) Before heading out to
the park you’ll want to make sure you pack the perfect lunch and who and what better place to prepare your gourmet
vegetarian fare than Real Food Daily located in Santa Monica, CA?
Kosher certified, this organic vegan restaurant has been a fave in the vegetarian community for years.

Though the food is free of animal products, dairy, eggs, butter, cholesterol, and a number of other
ingredients it doesn’t lose taste and appeal. I’m not a vegetarian or vegan myself and the mention of leaving
out many of the naughty items took me by surprise, but I was incredibly shocked at the creativity used to make the
dishes just as ambrosial than my normal slightly unhealthy fare. The
‘Real Food Meal’ sounds like a good starter and an easy
item to take on-the-go or pick up after a refreshing trek up the Santa Monica
. The dish comprised of short grain brown rice, beans, greens, land and sea veggies, pressed salad and
radish pickle with your choice of dressing represents the five elements of oriental health philosophy.