Volunteer Vacations

The latest issue of Transitions Abroad is out, and although our focus in the States is very close to home this difficult holiday weekend, we can’t forget that there is, and always will be, ways to help out elsewhere.

Volunteer Vacations is the theme of the September/October special section. There are articles with tips on how to pick the best organization, why the costs to volunteer are worth it, and ways to do it on a tight budget. Examples of volunteer travel experiences featured in the issue include: caring for cubs in a South African Lion Park, working as a health intern in Tanzania, assisting on an ecovillage outside Buenos Aires and volunteering for a environmental clean-up project on Ile D’Hoedic.

You’ll have to subscribe to the print publication to read these articles, but here’s a peek at some bonus articles available online: How to Make the Most of Volunteer Vacations, stories of volunteer travel in Dharmsala and Lima, and a list of key resources for volunteering abroad. Volunteer vacations are an excellent option to consider before planning any trip, and the TA staff are pros at pointing us to the best programs and places looking for assistance from willing travelers.