Geography Name Game

Last week Terry Riley at Tripso posted this creative bit about vocation vacations. His list of locations and matching vocations is catchy and fun, inspired by Site 59’s work-themed travel packages.

As Labor Day comes to a close and many of us prepare to head back to work tomorrow, I decided to try and find just a few more places with vocation-like names, this time venturing outside the states to see what I could find that matched up with English language words for certain jobs. Some of these are a stretch, I’ll admit, but it’s as creative as I could get on my day off! If you think of any more, please add them in the comments below.

R&B Musician – Seoul, S. Korea

Soap Maker – Ivory Coast

Wine Maker – Cork, Ireland

Doctor or Nurse – Medicine Hat, Canada

Sandwich Maker – Delhi, India

Cheese Maker – Munster, Germany or Cheddar, England

Map Maker – Atlas Mountains (Africa)

Chef – Cook Islands, New Zealand

Travel Agent – Tours, France

Diver – Plunge, Lithuania

Hair Dresser – Perm, Russia

Gymnast – Split, Croatia

Body Builder – Pecs, Hungary