Globe Trekker

I caught Globe Trekker’s
Beijing City Guide
on public television last night. This was unfortunately the first time I have seen anything from
the Globe Trekker series, although
I’ve heard lots of great talk about it. Now I’m officially hooked and need to get my hands on the local schedule for my

Host Megan McCormick did an excellent job of mentioning and visiting the best sites in the city, and did a Great
Wall hike with a local guide that was educational and fun to watch. I enjoyed learning about the popular kite
flying in Tiananmen Square and watching how Peking duck is prepared. What I liked best about the show was
how Megan interacted with the locals. She always said hello in Chinese and respected those she met with a
friendliness that was refreshing. She went out of her way to say hello and speak with those that lived and worked in
the city, setting an inspiring and excellent example for all travelers.

The Globe Trekker site has lots of good stuff, including info on
all their episodes and
specials, a
shop where you can purchase
of the show and albums of the music used in
each episode. I like the listening post where you can hear the songs online, and review the
track listings with information about the
artists/music they use. If you are not familiar with this program, do check out the website or show when you have some
time — I don’t think the trekkers will disappoint.