Pencil Buildings

Pencil Revolution is a fairly new blog providing daily love for the fabulous writing/sketching instrument that often gets shafted in our keyboard-driven world. Because I’m a writer and art enthusiast, I follow unique sites like this, and am always pleasantly surprised by the occasional obscure and random things I learn.

This week, I discovered that the pencil shape has a popular following in the architecture world. The Pencil Revolution is currently searching for a headquarters (not really, but just play along ;-) and has collected images of some of the pencil-shaped buildings standing upright around the globe.

There is Het Potlood (“The Pencil”), an apartment building in Rotterdam; the Credit Lyonnis building in Lyons, France (nicknamed “Le Crayon”); and the Matitone (“Big Pencil”) in Genova, Italy.

I tried to locate some other examples, but could not find any. There must be more…How about any outside of Europe? If you’ve ever visited or live hear one of these structures, pass them on to the Pencil Revolution.