Greenwich Village Shakedown Sex and the City

TV Squad posted about an
article I read in the New Yorker
recently that made me laugh.

Even though the show Sex and the City has stopped filming, the Sex and the City tour business is thriving. The show
had Carrie living on the Upper East Side, but exterior shots used in the show (which were obvious to anyone who lives
in New York were NOT the UES) were filmed at 66 Perry Street between Bleecker and West 4th.

This is about a block from my apartment, and I walk by these gawking SATC fans all the time. They seem like very
nice people, but really, the show’s over folks. One time as I walked by I said to them “hey, did you know John Lennon
lived right over there?” and I pointed in the direction of Lennon’s old 105 Bank Street apartment. They looked at me as
if I’d just pointed them to the home of Larry Storch (remember?
from F-Troop?) and kept snapping away with their cameras. I really have nothing against them. It’s a little obsessive,
but whatever. But I found the article about how the Village, um, people were getting the tours to pay for neighborhood
enhancements quite funny.