Travelizmo: Travel Gadget Blog

Doesn’t seem we’ve made much mention about all the cool travel gadgets and gizmos
Travelizmo blogs about on their superb site. Looks like they scour
various corners of the Earth via the web, to tell us about gadgets and other useful travel related tips causing a
disruption on the planet. It should be no secret at this point that I’m a language fanatic, which is why I plucked
this piece out of the many they’ve got going.

The Eintech Magic Talker lm-407 will be available first
for the Korean market in October. A translating device cleverly designed to do all the talking or most, supports
translation between English, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Russian and Korean. Acting also as a MP3
player, FM radio, dictionary, voice recorder, text reader and calculator it sounds like a good buy for the needy less
lingo inclined traveler.