Volvo Ocean Race

Here’s an idea for a Round-the-World trip. If you’re a sailing enthusiast, why not
follow along with the Volvo Ocean Race as
they compete around the globe for over seven months. 

The race kicks off in less than 60 days in the Galicia region of northern Spain. The ships start the first
leg from Vigo on November 12, 2005 and will make stops in Cape Town, Melbourne, Wellington, Rio,
Baltimore/Annapolis, New York, Portsmouth and Rotterdam before finishing in Gothenburg, Sweden (home of Volvo
headquarters) on June 17, 2006. There are currently
seven teams ready to race the
nine legs of this intense sea journey.
New pit stops and scoring gates have been added this year, providing additional opportunities for the fleet to
score points.

Check out some of the RTW ticket companies and see if they have decent rates for a trip that might go something like
this: London-Madrid-Cape Town-Melbourne-Wellington-Rio-DC-London. I’m guessing they may require travel through gateway
cities like NY or LA to make things cheaper. Or you could just buy your tickets as you go — depending on where you’d
be flying from. Either way, it is definitely a trip to consider if you love sailing, or just plan a
vacation in one of these port cities at the time the ships will be in town.