Yosemite Visitor Poses for Photo, Dies

Talk about tragic.

A visitor to Yosemite National Park was
posing for a photo last week at Upper Yosemite Falls and tumbled to his death. Shane Kinsella, a 21 year-old tourist
from Dublin, Ireland, was standing on the edge of the falls waiting for his friend to snap the picture when he lost his
footing and fell 1430 feet over the waterfall. Rangers recovered his body in a pool at the bottom of Upper Yosemite
Fall. Ugh.

Another hiker, Rachael Neil, 22, of Mesa. Arizona, also slipped when jumping across the rocks at  John Muir Trail
above Nevada Fall. I guess this is a reminder that Yosemite can be a dangerous place.  In fact, this is the fifth
accidental death in Yosemite National Park this year, according to the park. Folks, be careful out there.