Abel Tasman Coast Trail

Travelers to New Zealand know that the island nation has some of the finest rambling terrain in the world, but those
who have never been yet are eager to go might be scratching their heads where to start. Well here’s an idea.

The Abel
Tasman Coast Track
takes you along 32 miles of dun-colored beaches and sweet-smelling forests, where during certain
months (May to October) the solitude is so great you might think you’ve just stepped back into the Pleistocene. Located
in Abel Tasman
National Park
, the Track is one of the country’s “Great Walks”. The trail runs along the northern tip of the South
Island, and there are park-managed huts along the3 way where you can snooze to the melodious tunes of tui songbirds.
When you reach Awaroa, sack out at the luxury lodge there and get a nice foot massage to soothe your weary