Pyongyang Restaurant: Noodles and Propaganda

Here’s a food piece found on CNN dot com on the
Pyongyang Restaurant in
Vladivostok, Russia
which serves quite a bit of North Korean fare and just as much propaganda. Though the
dishes sound rather appealing with typical items like kimchi, bibimbap, and several noodle dishes my appetite turns
with an unpleasant sort of feeling. According to the article the owner, Kim Song Oh has no problem expressing her
opinions towards Americans and the country even while they dine in the establishment. She speaks English very little,
but serves her comments in Russian where she tells patrons she hates America and her views on the meddling of the
country in Korean politics. Fair enough, but it wouldn’t exactly appeal to me if I were a tourist just trying to
enjoy unique Korean cuisine. Knowing this in advance could save you the trip, but if you’re curious and put all
politics aside you can probably have a wonderful meal. You wouldn’t have to worry too much about her views as she
stays pretty tight lipped on several subjects and if you’re American she’ll always say, “Nice to meet you.”