Visiting Panmunjeom

After reading the Korean food bit on the Pyongyang Restaurant located in Russia and the owners need
to toss a little politics into the recipes, I decided to go looking for that old famous site
called the 38th parallel. If you’re into history, especially that surrounding the Cold War you’ll know the 38th
parallel plays a huge part in North and South Korea’s divide.
Panmunjeom, the so-called “Truce-Village” in which the 38th
parallel runs is primarily a North Korean site. The area is probably far off-the-beaten track for most
tourists and heavily armored guards stay on both sides of the line which makes the whole experience seem a
bit cold even now, but worth the trip. Not certain how many will find themselves in North Korea or South Korea anytime
soon, but it’s always been a fascinating history piece even to read about.
Wikipedia has a ton of information about the village and
surrounding area should you wish to brush up in the meantime.