World Record Travel

This Smithsonian Magazine
article mentions that the
Guinness Book of World Records is celebrating its 50th anniversary
this year. The book has finally made it into its’ own book! Excluding non-copyright works such as the Bible and the
Koran, the world’s all-time best-selling book is Guinness World Records, with sales exceeding 100 million

In the Travel and Transport section, there are several categories with records that Gadling readers
may be particularly interested in. There are records for travel feats accomplished by car, train, sub and plane, just
to name a few. My favorite section is the Epic Journeys. The stats on these amazing and historic trips are fun to
review. Here are just a few:

– First and fastest circumnavigation by car (69 days in 1989)

– Fastest female solo sailing circumnavigation (94 days in 2001)

– Fastest solo powered Pacific crossing (148 days in 1996)

– Longest journey by taxi (21,691 miles from the UK to S. Africa in 1994)

There are about three pages worth of these records on the Guinness website. Check them out and see if you get
inspired to try and break one, or set your own.