Inter-Oceanic Highway

There will soon be a continuous paved road that cuts horizontally
across South America. According to the BBC, work began this
week on the final span of a series of roads that will connect the Pacific to the Atlantic through Peru and Brazil.

This road is key to the economic success of the region, and will allow easy transport of goods over 1,500 miles
across the continent. The Peruvian port cities of Ilo, Matarani and San Juan de Marcona will soon be connected to the
Brazilian post cities of Río Branco and Cuiabá.

Of course, there are critics who claim the $800 million cost is too high, and that there will be numerous negative
environmental and social implications. The road will run close to several national parks and nature reserves, including
the Tambopata
in Peru. Hopefully, these efforts in the name of economic progress won’t be too damaging to the fragile