New Passport Rules Causing Probs

Some European travelers are finding passport rules in the post 9/11 world a bit flummoxing…not to mention frustrating. On June 25, a new rule started that requires all travelers, yes, kids too, too carry machine-readable passports to enter the United States. In the past, kids could often travel on their parents passports, but a provision of the Patriot Act called the Visa Waiver Program now changes that for 27 countries including Germany, France and Britain.

It’s caused problems for folks who show up at the airport believing that the old system was in effect and being turned away. The State Department says that the changes make America safer and, kinda bizarre to me, cuts back on child abductions. I had never heard of this problem, but apparently it’s a serious issue. Anyway, even if the move is a good one, which I suppose it is, seems the State Department could do a better job letting people know about these kinds of changes.