Spork Love

sells a
Titanium Mini
, a popular ultra light utensil loved by many outdoor travelers. I found
one backpacking photographer who swears by

Readers of the magazine recently shared their favorite spork stories and a
top ten
 of reasons why every backpacker should carry one. I agree with the list that ”Spork” does
indeed beat “Foon”, but there are other reasons why the odd little guy is so great for outdoor traveling. Besides the
obvious dining versatility the spork offers, it is also handy for deboning fresh trout, chipping
ice and flicking mash potatoes the farthest. (Some uses are far more practical than others, of course.)

Be sure to read the Ode to a Spork as well as the little known spork fun facts. If that
is not enough utensil entertainment for you, head over to The
Spork FAQ
or The Slightly Less Than Official Spork Homepage. Googling the term
“spork” reveals that the utensil has a somewhat alarming number of fans.