DeLorme and Eartha

Here’s one from the records books.  The world’s largest rotating globe is located at the Maine headquarters of
DeLorme, a leading map publisher.

Eartha, which took two years to build, is 41-feet in
diameter and weights nearly 6,000 pounds. It’s an exact representation of Earth as it is currently seen from space, and
is tilted to the same degree. Each minute of rotation equals the data that would fill 100 CD-Roms, and is powered by
two electric motors. The globe was created entirely from mapping databases and computer technology that DeLorme
specializes in.

Founded in 1976, DeLorme is a pioneer in map publishing
and GPS technologies, but is probably best known for their original product, the paper
Atlas and Gazetteer

Visitors can view Eartha and visit
the DeLorme Map Store in Yarmouth
seven days a week.