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Die Hard 4 foreshadow, and iPod cemetery, and a special request for a Macromedia donation. Enjoy the full listing after
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Mike Schleifstein finds the Flash-based
Shutterbook in open
, tells us what
Macromedia and HP?s
will mean for the Flash Platform, and asks
Macromedia to give
to the University of New Orleans.

TVSquad?s Bob
announces a
and Adam Finley reports on Katrina?s effect on
the season opener of Family Guy
while Lacy Hall has the story on Eva Longoria and
her overlapping boyfriends.

Luxist?s Deidre Woollard falls in love with
the beautiful Villa de Leon, finds out how the wine
industry is helping with Hurricane Katrina Relief and finds
that the days of beluga caviar in the U.S. may be

PVRWire?s Todd
writes about TiVo?s new $50
and reports on study saying
adults store $1.1K of digital
while Martin Conaghan reports that New
Zealanders will have Sky+ PVR service soon.

TUAW?s C.K. Sample,
tells you how you can win an iPod nano
from TUAW
and Scott McNulty
discusses iTunes 5 while
David Chartier asks
?Why an iTunes phone instead of

Karina Longworth explains how the script for
Die Hard 4 foreshadows the New
Orleans disaster
and reviews The
Exorcism of Emily Rose
while Guest blogger Taylor Barratt reports from
The Toronto
International Film Festival

Gadling?s Erik Olsen talks about
Sean Penn?s sinking boat, Adrienne Wilson urges you to
consider the Hotel Cabenda in Sierra Leone and Kelly
Amabile finds inspiration in the New Moscow Library.

The Digital Photography Weblog asked
readers ?what would your dream digital SLR
look like?
? and Jay Savage explains how
to recover files
from a corrupted or deleted flash card, plus Nikon and Adobe come to an
agreement on NEF encryption.

HDBeat?s Kevin
C. Tofel
wants to know if Brillian?s new HDTV is
. Plus, Matt Burns finds that
Panasonic slashes Plasma prices and
reports that Samsung?s new DVD player will
handle both HD-DVD and

BBHub?s Russell
tells you how you can keep your biggest secrets, well,
secret on your
, how you can use
Google Talk on your
, and why text-based BlackBerry
passwords, are
like, so-o-o-o yesterday