Daily Candy on Oman

A while back I wrote about cruising the Straits of Hormuz
in Oman
by wooden dhow and how
enchanting it would be to pass the traditional villages of some very wealthy locals. This
however is just one of many ways to spend some of your time in the beautiful Middle Eastern country.
Daily Candy provides some other enticing
itineraries built to please the senses. Capital cities are always the busiest and a good place to start off in most
places. Experience the hustle and bustle of the locals as you walk pass merchants selling cardamom, curry, and pricey
perfumes. Escape from the capital to begin your journey through the desert sands of Wahiba Sands where camels still
roam free and Bedouins live in tents. The list of things to do are endless, but don’t wait to go with any
large tour group. Having been lightly touched by tourism you won’t find many and I’m sure more adventure lies in opting
out of one anyway. Explore the place now, while you can.