Around Seattle

If you’ve lived in Seattle at all, you know that escaping from the city is ridiculously easy. The traffic around the
city can sometimes be bad, but for the most part, you can hop on I-5, or cross the bridge to the East Side or take a
ferry into the Puget Sound, and within moments, you are away from it all. There are many different places to go, all of
them promising peace, quiet and the occasional bald eagle or orca, if you’re really lucky.

This piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer
offers some suggestions for Right Coasters to consider if they’re heading to the Emerald City. From Kitsap Peninsula to
the San Juan Islands (ALWAYS a good choice as the ), there are several good
trip ideas to consider here. As one who is always eager to proselytize the Northwest, I give all the suggestions
mentioned here a thumbs up.