Dream Jobs

I opened this month’s Outside Magazine to find a feature about an idea I’ve had and have been pitching around for a
long time: Dream jobs. I’ve been making
a list for years about the coolest, most amazing jobs to be had, from Playboy Magazine photographer to motorcycle test
driver. Sad thing is, Outside beat me to it. But that’s OK, if any of the
glossies out there deserve to steal my ideas, it’s Outside. They remain one of the best of the adventure magazines on
the racks, and have largely avoided going ad-addled, “get your rock-hard abs in one week!” route of Men’s

Anyway, as I say, the dream jobs piece is a good one, listing all sorts of cool jobs (and the people who hold them)
that you probably never considered in life (tea purveyor?). Of course, some of them are more or less unattainable to
the average Joe. I mean, you don’t just decide to be Jack Johnson. I mean, duh. But many of the other ones are doable
if you set your mind to it. Here’s the list.

How a rock supernova keeps his balance on the ride of his life.

Timm Smith: Product

Jessie Stone:
Health-Clinic Director

Holly Morris:
Adventure Filmmaker

Lincoln Else:
Climbing Ranger

Jim Cantore:
Broadcast Meteorologist

Rogan Lechthaler:

Kelly Streeter:
Structural Engineer

Sebastian Beckwith:
Tea Purveyor

Kristen Ulmer: Ski

Chris “Gunny”
Terrain-Park Designer

Jimmy Lizama:
Cycling Angel

Rob Spencer: Brew