Games on Planes

I’m usually not very interactive or social on a plane. I prefer
the window seat, so I can observe take-off and landing. After there is nothing more to see outside, I flip through the
in-flight magazine, have my beverage and snack, then open my book or write in my journal. 

But sometimes the plane has other plans. When I took Delta Song for the first time a few months ago, I could not
stop playing that free trivia game where
you compete against other passengers. Have you ever played this? Not usually one to get addicted to this kinda stuff, I
got sucked in — determined to beat Seat 42A for one final time! I was glued to the set for most of the flight, and when
I finally tired of trivia, I played with their music selections and got tips on some new tunes.

And then last month on a Southwest flight, I struck up conversation with the gentleman seated next to me. After
chatting for a bit, he asked if I wanted to play chess. He pulled out one of those
mini travel sets and was kind enough to give me a refresher,
since I last played chess in grade school (I think?!?) We were soon involved in a great match that lasted until it was
time to land.

Of course, if you have your laptop or X-Box with you on the plane, there are countless other games you can play to
entertain, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed these diversions that had me interacting with other passengers.
What favorite games to you play when flying?