Heavy Drinking on Vacation is (Surprise) Bad

Having recently returned from a superb bachelor party
weekend in the Channel Islands, I was slightly dismayed to
read this article in the Guardian about
the health effects of heavy drinking on vacation…or, well, heavy drinking in general. Seems quaffing the local vino in
prodigious amounts can increase your chance of having a stroke, or so says a new study carried out in Copenhagen.

Here’s a question, though. What do they mean by heavy drinking? Heavy drinking, they say, means consuming more than 35
alcoholic drinks a week. So that’s, um, five drinks a day, or if you’re on the
Dylan Thomas drinking diet, 35 drinks in one feel swoop and
then a free trip to the hospital. But wait, there’s good news (sort of). You see, the study was conducted on 16,415
individuals with an average age of 50…so the way I see it, there’s still a lot of years of healthy heavy drinking
ahead. Whew.