Restaurant Marrakesh at Epcot

The best part of Disney World for big kids and adults is undeniably the various selection of
restaurants. After taking my friends through a couple of the
parks with the complimentary passes I had received a little while back I couldn’t wait to cash in my dinner vouchers. I
had hopes of checking out Jiko, which is said to be a great restaurant in the beautiful Animal Kingdom Lodge, but we
all had flip-flops on which is against dress code. We opted for a foreign African fare in Epcot’s World
Showcase at the

Stepping into the Restaurant Marrakesh one is instantly placed in an atmosphere like that of a humble Sultan’s
palace. Traditional Moroccan artwork decorates the walls and restrooms in intricate tile work. The staff, all
from Morocco if not of Moroccan descent are very accommodating and friendly. Brush up on your Arabic as they are
more than happy to teach you a  couple of words or join in when the belly dancer starts twirling around the floor
in traditional Middle Eastern dance. Great ways to kill time before your meal arrives.  

Just as all the aromas from dishes nearby begin to get to you and your growling stomach the waiter will more
than likely be bringing your own. If you do Moroccan you must have a sampling of least one lamb dish. Order one of
the feasts to get a wide variety of fare and the apple crepes for after dinner desert.