Timex Seeks New Watch Faces

Ever dreamt of seeing yourself high above Times Square in a 150 foot long underwear ad? Do you have the six pack abs
or undulating breasts for such a thing? No? Well, maybe you’ve got a really food-looking wrist that you’ve always been
wanting to show off.

Timex is canvassing the country looking for the next generation of
watch-wearing models to help hawk its Indiglo line of eerily green time pieces. There’s only one catch: you have to be
within that ever popular 18-34 year-old demographic.

Yes, the young and healthy…and time conscious…are being encouraged to register and submit their headshot to Timex’s
new promotional campaign “New Faces of Timex”. You submit your head shot (and wrist shot?), and eight participants will
win $10,000 and a spot in next year’s “New Faces of Timex” print ad campaign.

What if you are older than 34? Well, forget it. “The older consumers right now, ages 35 to 70 years, really know
Timex,” said Christine Johnson, Timex’s director of national promotions. “The 18- to 34-year-olds are the consumers we
haven’t spoken to in a long time, and we want them to know our brand is very trendy, fashionable and can pretty much
meet their lifestyles.” 

Good opp. My only question is: if over 35 year-olds already know Timex, what exactly do they think about the