Best Bargain Adventures

Let’s shift gears and get back to bargains. Josh Roberts at
Smarter Travel came up with his own list of the ten best bargains in adventure travel today. There are some good finds
here, including a few with tour companies located outside the US. Here are three from the list that come in under
$1,000 (not always including airfare):

A ten-day “Nile Felucca Sailtrek” in Egypt for $550 (not all meals and no airfare included)

A six-day “Machu Picchu Backpacker Special” in Peru starts at $959 (airfare included!)

A seven-day tour through Thailand’s northern treasures for $655 (they offer 20% off for short lead time

Remember that many of these tours also include additional local payments on arrival, but most are nominal fees, so
the trips still add up to excellent bargain travel deals. Read the
article to
see the complete list.