Florida’s Fort De Soto Park

After Fort De Soto’s North Beach was named
‘America’s Best Beach’ I couldn’t wait to fill up my
tank and take a trip on down to see what all the hype was about. I’ll admit I’m picky beach
goer having been to some pretty impressive beaches around the globe and for the North Beach I can’t say that it doesn’t
deserve best beach. Being tucked inside the park which has campgrounds, paw playgrounds (for the pets), trails, and
several recreational activities perfect for families the beach just places the icing on the cake. Clean, clear, warm
water greets your toes as you go into the blue after making way off the soft white sand.

Surprisingly the beach was rather quiet at the time of my visit, which could be due to the Red Tide lingering in the
waters. You’ll definitely want to check the
status of Red Tide in the area
before making your way out there as dead fish coiled with seaweed being washed ashore can place a slight damper on the
beach going not to mention the constant choking and coughing you might experience. Seeing many locals still splash
about leads me to believe you can still enjoy the water, but I’ll pass.