Right Wing Penguins

One would guess that given their tastes and proclivities, hard-core conservatives don’t get out to the movies much.
It’s hard to think of many recent films that they would much enjoy.
Team America, World Police featured themes they
might have found satisfying, what with the harsh liberal bashing in the film (poor Michael Moore, you might remember,
blew himself up as a suicide bomber). That said, I doubt that Red State Mel and Martha would have much enjoyed the
puppet 69 scene (let alone the sex scenes that were cut).

This summer, though, held a treat for
movie-going conservatives
and the nutty off-branch of religious loonies who favor intelligent design. March of the Penguins has become a major
hit among conservatives who say that the cinematic depiction of emperor penguin mating habits offers lessons on
monogamy and, yes, intelligent design (who, but an intelligent designer could come up with eggs that survive extreme
cold? Yes, you in the back with your hand up, Mr. Darwin, is it?). One reviewer said it was the best movie he’d seen
since The Passion of the Christ. Not to get into the whole evolution debate (let’s leave that up to the folks
at the Daily Show who are running a superb
week-long series called Evolution Schmevolution), but suffice it to say, it could be the first time that
cuckoos have expressed such interest in penguins.