Don Voyage

From Brooklyn-based urban lifestyle mag Mass Appeal, I give you
something, well, different: the inside goss on one guy’s in-flight romance adventures — a
little ditty by Matt Goias that reveals his stellar track
record for attracting chicks on planes.

Here’s the clean (and abbreviated version) of his hip travel tips for scoring with female passengers: Bathe, Chew
Gum, Read Smart Mags, Speak After the Signal, Be Worldly and Be Closing
(that means read Lonely Planet and be
prepared to suggest a post-flight locale where the romance can, uh, blossom…)

The full version is chock full of so much more (and a whole lotta slang too), but many of you may agree with me that
it’s funny stuff, and surely a travel perspective I don’t come across that often. But yes, this comes from the Gadling
gal who wrote about the joys of playing in-flight chess
the other day. So, clearly, we can see that I overlooked some rather obvious and more exciting games that are played on