Fun and Evolution in the Galapagos

Since we touched on the subject of evolution yesterday in our post about the right-wing
embrace of the film March of the Penguins, we thought we’d post an article about the place that, in a way, gave birth
to the theory of evolution: the Galapagos.
This piece comes from
the in-flight magazine of Continental airlines (funny we don’t post a lot from the in-flight magazines, and yet many of
them have excellent articles…we might have to fix that). It’s not a deep-thinking piece. No revelations about the
origin of species here. But it is a nicely written travel feature about what it’s like to travel to these distant, and
ecologically bountiful islands off Ecuador.

Visitors to the Galapagos get to wander only a select part of the islands…visitation is highly restrictive due to the
fragile ecosystem…but there are animals aplenty, including Blue-Footed Boobies, iguanas and Giant tortoises. Visitors
also get to check out the Charles Darwin Research Station, where
top-notch research is being conducted following up on Darwin’s extensive observations on the islands.

Along these lines, I should mention that one of the best books I’ve ever read is
Beak of the Finch
by Jonathan Weiner. It won the Pulitzer, and is a must read for anyone planning a trip to the islands.

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