Good Spas for Hiking in Arizona

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picked these three Arizona spas as the best for hiking:

Mii amo, nestled within Boynton Canyon in red rock
Sedona. The spa is surrounded by the Coconino National Forest and ancient ruins of cliff dwellings.
The Native
American phrase “mii amo” means “journey”.

Miraval is located on 300+ acres north of Tucson in Catalina. Their next Challenge Adventure
Week begins October 2. This outdoor wilderness experience teaches mindfulness through the practice of orienteering,
survival and indigenous spiritual rituals for healing. They offer night climbing on their 32-foot Miraval Rock and
their adventure page has details on loads of hiking,
mountain biking and horsemanship activities, including trail riding and vaulting.

Canyon Ranch’s flagship location opened in Tucson in 1979.
Hiking through the Sonoran Desert or mountain regions of the
area is a popular activity. Their next Hike Week begins October 29 and another one will take place during
Tuscon Hiking Week in January 2006.