Hobo Traveler in Niger

It’s been a while since we last checked in on Andy the Hobo
, and man, has he been busy. The uber-vagabond has been traversing the globe now for eight (yes, eight)
years, posting his views and news from far off locales. In what you might say is the king of all understatements: the
guy gets around.

We find Andy now in Niger, Africa, riding buses, visiting villages and eating “lightly curded milk substances”. He’s
also snapping some wonderful photos of daily life in Africa that should be required viewing for students around the
country. The faces of the people are often bright and friendly, nicely conveying the reality that all of Africa is not
some vast miserable stew of disease and poverty…as someone said to me recently in blinkered ignorance.

Take some time today and catch up on Andy’s travels. You might learn something.