Katrina Panos

Folks here might be tired of me lauding panoramic photographs….but I can’t help it. I love them. They convey such an
interesting, holistic perspective of things. They are always very unusual. For example (and sorry for the self promo)
look at this pano I shot at the Ganges River last year in
India. This is one of my favorites. Isn’t it a cool look at life on the river so different from a standard photo?
(comments and criticism welcome…well, comments, anyway ;-))

Now take a look at the stuff that
the Washington Post
just put up from Hurricane Katrina. There are some good ones here, and they cover the whole
region that was affected. Personally, some of them are badly overexposed, but maybe that’s being nit-picky. Anyway, you
probably haven’t seen anything like these before.