Inflatable Life Jackets

It sucks to be out boating when the only life-jackets available are those bulky orange ones that make you look like
you’re about to compete in the Special Olympics 50m freestyle. Doesn’t it seem sometimes like life jacket technology
has hardly moved an inch all these years?

Well, it has. You just have to know where to look. For example, take a look at the
Inflatable Collar PFD from Mustang

This is a PFD that you can wear over a t-shirt or a jacket, maybe even a tux or a nice blowsy dinner shirt with
frills, and yet is durable enough to keep you afloat should your boat go down in the middle of the Pacific. It’s got
neato strips of SOLAS reflective tape so folks can see you bobbing in the swells, and a safety whistle so you can
signal the passing container vessel or to annoy your friends and make them think you ARE competing soon in the Special