Bali as a Healing Vacation

If you’re ready to take your next trip to the spa, massage session, and yoga course to a new
level head over to Bali. A country well known for is beautiful lush landscape and peaceful
environment, Bali has been a destination for several involved in healing arts, yoga, massage, energy work, and
herbalism for years. In this piece from the
Miami Herald they suggest the sound of
some Bali’s beliefs toward healing and stories of their Hindu Gods may throw some of the average Westerner’s off a bit,
but if you’re ready and open you’ll find yourself very pleased with your next retreat.

In Bali the belief is if one is at ease then they don’t get disease. Focusing mostly on spiritual balance, healing
practices spring from community and religion with practices daily. One of the only places in Indonesia that is Hindu,
the energy of the people is just awe-inspiring. Some things sound easier said than done in my own opinion, but a trip
there could very well do anyone looking for a little healing on vacation some good.