Bruce Feiler’s Journeys

Bruce Feiler’s latest book,
Where God Was Born: A Journey by Land to the Roots of
, was released this week. It follows his journeys through ancient civilizations to explore biblical places
and ancient sacred events. He travels 10,000 miles through the Middle East — Israel, Iraq, and Iran — discussing the
Bible with locals and revealing little known details about Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Many of Feiler’s books are part travelogue, part commentary on history, current events or religion. But not all his
writing is exclusively religious — he’s also penned books about
teaching in rural Japan,
living in Oxford and Cambridge, and his stints as a
clown and a
country music roadie. Two of his more recent books,
Walking the Bible, A Photographic Journey and
Abraham, are companion guides to upcoming PBS mini-series
about his epic travels.