The Anniversary Inn

A week or two ago when I visited Travelizmo for the
first time I thought they were merely a blog covering information on travel gadgets, gear, and other trinkets.
I was wrong. They cover basically everything including hotels. This particular hotel mention on the
Anniversary Inn, a theme hotel located in parts of Utah, Idaho, and Kansas
should have also made it into their humor section, but stays comfortably plugged into hotels.

A place for lover’s to rekindle flames and announce their unrequited love for each other year-after-year, the
Anniversary Inn makes for a different sort of experience. The themes are down right off the wall and sort of lame for
the cost of $150-$300 weeknights and $200-$400 for the weekends, but if you’ve got the money to spend and your partner
is longing to rest in a Mammoth Ice Cave then he/she can. Other themes include Mysteries of Egypt, Jungle Safari,
English Manor, and Swiss Family Robinson to name a few. Judging from the pictures some of the themes seem a little
overdone if not over done well at all. To top things off there’s a huge big screen in some of the rooms often ruining
themes like the Mystery of Egypt.