Amazing Adventures of a Nobody

Gridskipper managed
to find a nice piece of travel media news via Mandy. At the
time being, Leon
Logothetis is merely a nobody setting out on an amazing adventure
across the U.S.A. But he won’t be a nobody for long and his adventure wouldn’t be amazing if he weren’t trying to
tackle the states on five bucks a day with a camera crew in tow documenting the ordeal. He’s allowed to take donations
of goods or services from people along the way, but the rule is he only gets five smack-a-roonies a day. No more, no

Apparently, Leon did the same amazing adventure in the UK on a similar budget and managed to score some pretty nice
gifts along the way, but will the American people welcome him during his travels? Will they take him into their homes
and hearts? Or mistake him for an escapee? Is someone out there willing to treat Leon to a
Six Dollar Burger? I’d hate to try to travel off of $5 in America.
I’m not saying it couldn’t be done, but I’d sure hate to do it.

Good luck Leon.