Mad About Mystic

Most people probably think of that old Julia Roberrts film Mystic Pizza when they thin of Mystic, CT. That’s fine,
but they’d be missing out on a town that is rich in history, lovely, and a staging point for some decent outdoor
adventures. I have not been there in a long time, but I fondly remember the bridge there in Mystic and the sweet lady
in the small restaurant near the water who hung out with us and talked about the town’s rich past.

Times is running
a piece today about Mystic that captures it’s salty East Coast vibe. Mystic’s bit attraction are
its ships. The original town was founded in the seventeenth century, and was a center for shipbuilding in the age of
wooden sailing ships.  The L.A. Dunton, Joseph Conrad and the Charles W. Morgan are tied up in the harbor and open
to visitors. Of course, there are plenty of old locals around to explain the ships’ past and that of the town. You’re
never wanting for an eager tour guide.

And then there’s the food. Fried oysters (not really my cup of tea), fried clams (yes!..although spare me the attached
stomachs), and good local beer. Mystic is a pretty cool place.