Post-Trip Insurance for the Wanderers

This past Friday’s Marketplace Money
mailbag had a
call-in question from Rich Ligato, who, along with his wife, Amanda, authored and published the book
Wide-Eyed Wanderers,

A Befuddling Journey from the Rat Race to the Roads of Latin America & Africa.

Rich and Amanda started their own publishing company after returning from a three-year
VW vagabonding journey. Rich’s question to the NPR gang was about
how to find affordable health insurance to support the couple’s entrepreneur lifestyle. Econ editor Chris Farrell
recommended a health savings account, which has high deductibles but lower premiums, and should help the Ligatos as
they grow their new publishing venture.

The couple is hard at work promoting the book to boost those dollars, and has some additional books in the works.
They are presenting a free slide show at bookstores in California
throughout the fall. Tonight they’ll be at the Costa Mesa
Adventure 16 Travel Store at 7 PM.