The Geeky Traveler

Always pleased to find new and cool blogs out there that appeal to my tastes and proclivities, I came across a new
blog today that I just added to my RSS feed. It’s called the Geeky Traveller, and bills itself as “a site dedicated to
the places geeks go, the things they do when they get there, and the gadgets they play with along the way”. Man, that’s
me. I am constantly traveling with gadgets, which, I can tell you, can sometimes be a royal pain in the arse. Last year
I was caught in a typhoon in India with cameras, ipod, cell phone and all manner of water-averse objects.

A quick spin around the site reveals some cool posts including this
on a rather odd product called Photocuffs, one about a weather-predicting clothes pin
(huh?), and a parabolic cooking dish. Good stuff all. Nice to know
there are other geeks out there who like to hit the road.

(btw: I hate to be nit-picky, but isn’t traveler spelled with one “l”?)