Armenia Dispatch: 1

I arrived in Yerevan last night (finally) after a grueling flight and layover through Munich. Sadly, I didn’t get to hang out in Munich much, which is a shame since Oktoberfest is now in full swing and I would have enjoyed kicking back as a few beer madchens lugged some steins my way.

It’s a bright and lovely morning in Yerevan. I am staying at a fine hotel, the Armenia Marriott right on Republic Square. It’s right in the heart of the city, perfectly located, and a good place to use as a base from whch to see the city.

I got out this morning and took a walk around the immediate area. I was in serious need of some coffee and while there are absolutely NO Starbucks here (and no McDonalds, and no 7-11s, etc.) they serve Armenian coffee just about everywhere. Armenian coffee, so far as I can tell, is a lot like Turkish coffee. it is thick black stuff that sits on a half-inch of black muck in a small cup. And it is strong, which suited me fine.

So I dropped into a little cafe and ordered a cup of Armenian coffee and enjoyed it as I read for a while. When I was through, I asked for the check and the waiter told me the coffee was “complimentary”. The friendly, generous attitude of Ammenias is famous, but I have only begun to experience it here. I’m heading out now for a day of exploration.

More later.