Ballroom & Dance Vacations

Nothing like good old popular reality TV to get folks feet movin’ and hoping abroad ballroom
dance camps and cruises.
USA Today follows the trend
in this piece and lists a good number of camps and cruises offering ballroom classes for the adult that wants to travel
and keep it groovin’. From Mexico to Wisconsin there are a number of getaways to consider. I’ll admit after
watching ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ these few weeks I have been attracted to new dance styles such as the Paso Doble
which I had not been acquainted with before. Other dance styles such as Contemporary, Lyrical, and Mambo have
even sparked a desire to enroll in a class or travel to destinations a far just as an excuse.

One that looks particularly interesting from the list gathered in USA Today is the 7-day train trip through the
Canadian Rockies with stops just for dancing. That seems like a little more variety than being cooped up on a
ship. ‘Let’s Dance’ is the tour provider for the dancing vacation
taking place July 7-14. You can find out more about their vacations here.