Fall Festival with Rick Steves

On Saturday, November 12, Rick Steves and staff will host an “all day travel-teach-a-thon”
festival in downtown Edmonds, WA. Steves will
give three lectures: European travel tips, Spain & Portugal, and Italy. Additional company tour guides will give
other presentations. Here is a complete schedule. You
have to register, but everything is FREE!

I know the Rick Steves skeptics exist, especially among younger generations, but I’m an impressed 30-something. The
guy knows his stuff. I heard Rick give a seminar at the NYT Travel Expo last March and he was good — quick, but not too
overwhelming, informative and fun. He knows what you want to learn and he tells you. Simple. If you need more
convincing, read Jen Leo’s thoughts about the
Rickster from before and after meeting him at the Expo. Her confessions of a convert might sway you.

He’s passionate about travel and I’m sure the festival would be worth the cost of the flight out there, especially if
you have plans to head to Europe anytime in the coming year.