Torino, Passion Lives Here

Last week the Torino Olympic Committee

its’ motto for the 20th Winter Games, capturing the passionate enthusiasm this host city has as it
prepares for Opening Ceremonies on February 10, 2006. The “piazza”, a central community gathering place of Italian
culture, will serve as a main symbol of Torino’s theme for the Games, where passionate athletes and sports enthusiasts
from all over the world will gather in less than 145 days.

I’m sure we’ll talk a ton about Torino in the coming months, so here is just a little something to get things
started — an introduction to our guides,
mascots Neve, the sweet snowball and Gliz, the impressive non-melting ice cube
(although, there is a puddle at his feet?!)

Some might find them annoying, but I kinda like ’em. Although I can’t quite figure out if they’re a couple, or just
pals, or brother and sister?! Regardless, they are definitely better than Salt Lake City’s
Powder, Coal and Copper, can we
at least agree on that?