Amazing Korea Blog and Photos

Can’t tell you how impressed I am with this blog I
stumbled upon about Korea
. Mike and his family consider themselves ‘World Adventurers’ and have started
by tackling Seoul, Korea. For just the beginning, I’d say they’ve done a fine job covering all must-see sites like
Jeju Island, Seoraksan National Park, and Seoul nightlife. Food recommendations include items like grilled
galbi and kimchi with soju. It seems there is a wide mixture of information to be found for any perspective
traveler looking to head to Korea and some which may come in quite handy for the squeamish.

For instance, today’s blog entry focuses on the gigantic orb spiders found in the back yard of the World
Adventurer’s secret hideout in Korea. If you check out the page you’ll notice the detail of the huge web and
the feasting’s the colorful spider managed to catch. Something like that would send waves
of shivers up my spine as I’ve never seen a spider that big in my life! In their blog they focus on the beauty of
the creature and it’s creation, but I found the beauty in all the many things you can be excited by in Korea. From
food, culture, people, architecture, to arachnids it’s quite an amazing place.

Excellent blog.